Press release from the Storting: Bicentenary Sitting and Public Event 15 May

Bicentenary Sitting and Public Event – the Norwegian Parliament’s marking of the Bicentenary of the Norwegian Constitution on 15 May

The Bicentenary Sitting in the Storting Chamber on Thursday 15 May from 12.00 to 13.00. is the Norwegian Parliament’s formal marking of the Bicentenary of the Norwegian Constitution. The Sitting will be transmitted live in Eidsvoll Square via big screen.

The Bicentenary Sitting will be followed by a public event in Eidsvoll Square at 13.00.

«15 May will be an extremely important day for the Storting and our celebration of the Constitution. Over the past 200 years Norway has developed into a society that we are now very proud of; one we wish to pass on to future generations. To do this well, we must get to grips with the most important challenges to democracy that currently face us. Such topics as different arenas for public debate, digitalization and diversity are important issues for democratic development», says President of the Storting, Olemic Thommessen.

«As we enter the second 200 years of Norwegian democracy, those of us in the Storting must act as the driving force behind the major debates on democracy in the future», says the President of the Storting.

Bicentenary Sitting

All the branches of the State – the Storting, the Government and the Supreme Court – will be present in the Storting Chamber simultaneously. The Norwegian Royal Family will also be represented.

The presidents of the Nordic parliaments will be guests of honour: Per Westerberg, Speaker of the Riksdag; Mogens Lykketoft, Speaker of the Folketing; Einar K. Guðfinnsson, President of the Althing; and Eero Heinäluoma, Speaker of the Finnish Parliament will be present.

The following former Presidents of the Storting will also be present in the Chamber on 15 May: Kirsti Kolle Grøndahl, Jørgen Kosmo, Thorbjørn Jagland and Dag Terje Andersen. 

Public Event in Eidsvoll Square

Among those invited to Eidsvoll Square will be over 400 of the nation’s mayors. A further 200 people in national dress from all over the country will be there to welcome the guests to the Storting and will also take part in Eidsvoll Square.

In addition to the above, the programme aims to illustrate democratic development in Norway by means of various cultural events.

Practical information for the media 


Journalists and photographers who are not members of the parliamentary press club and who wish to cover the Bicentenary Sitting must apply for media accreditation to presse@stortinget.no by Tuesday 13 May at the latest. 
Accreditation Contact: Jane Berntsen, tel. 472 49 922.

NB: We would request the media, including members of the parliamentary press club to use the Akersgata entrance on the day in question. Those who are not members of the parliamentary press club will be escorted in. All members of the media are asked to come to the Akersgata entrance by 11.15 at the latest. The deadline for taking one’s place in the Chamber is 11.30.

Everyone is requested to show proof of ID on arrival.

All photographers wishing to take photographs from Løvebakken are requested to arrive by 10.45 at the latest.

Photo opportunities

On the arrival of the presidents of the Nordic parliaments at 11.00:
1. Løvebakken: left-hand side.
2. President of the Storting’s office.

On the arrival of the Government at 11.30 at the latest:
1. Løvebakken: left-hand side.

On the arrival of the representatives from the Norwegian Royal Family at approx. 11.50:
1. Løvebakken: left-hand side

2. Gallery: Access will be given to five photographers. Please give notice during accreditation if you would like to apply. Applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

Normal admission rules for members of the press will apply in the Press Box.

Video photographers must use wireless equipment.

TV signals

TV signals will be made available by the Storting, via the Storting’s communications hub, for the free use of all members of the media. The production will be distributed in the same way as with the Storting’s regular sittings and sessions of Question Time. OB Team will provide a multi-camera production – with, in addition to the Main Chamber, filming from Løvebakken, the reception, the Central Hall and the Gallery.
The TV broadcast will be provided without commentary.

Please address questions for OB Team to Espen Helgor at espen.helgor@obteam.no.
Please address questions about the TV production to Thomas Andresen,
tel: 415 19 262.

The TV broadcast will also be available on the Storting’s Internet TV. The Storting’s Internet TV may be relayed by all media by agreement when setting up a publishing point.

Please address questions about the Storting’s Internet TV to Bjørn Holta, tel: 971 58 040.

Silent equipment only may be used during the Bicentenary Sitting in the Storting Chamber. The use of mobile phones is not permitted.

Only accredited photographers will be permitted to take photographs during the Sitting. Flashlight photography is not permitted.

We would kindly request all visitors to dress smartly during the day.

Photographs taken by the Storting’s photographer will be published on Flickr throughout the day. Photos may be freely used and must be credited: www.flickr.com/stortinget.


Jorunn Nilsen, Communications Adviser, Storting, tel. 938 98 200
Hanne Hjelbak, Head of Communications for the Constitutional Bicentenary, tel. 924 25 665
Silje Bergum Kinsten, Adviser to the President , tel. 930 01 854

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