Vision and objectives for the Bicentenary of the Norwegian Constitution 2014

The Norwegian Constitution of 17 May 1814 has laid the very foundations of democratic development in Norway.

The Norwegian Constitution has proved itself to be more durable than other constitutions drawn up at the same time in Europe. As Europe’s oldest and the world’s second oldest prevailing constitution, it is now a unifying symbol of freedom, independence and democracy.

The Bicentenary of the Norwegian Constitution in 2014 will raise awareness of what the Constitution means today and what role it will play in our future democracy.

The Constitution is vital and contemporary. It is also decisive for Norway’s identity and development as a liberal democracy. For the Constitution to continue to play this role, it must be conveyed afresh to each new generation. Those who grow up in Norway today must embrace it. They must be able to make sense of it on their own terms. As much as a celebration of the past, the Bicentenary should be an investment in the future.

Consequently, the Bicentenary of the Constitution has three overriding objectives:

  • To enhance knowledge about the Constitution and its significance
  • To stimulate increased participation and engagement in democratic processes
  • To be a broad and inclusive nationwide celebration

In the objectives document, the Main Committee presents its vision, and the objectives and themes that should be emphasized during the Bicentenary.

Download the objectives document for the Bicentenary of the Norwegian Constitution 2014 (pdf 1MB).

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