The Storting’s green strategy

The Storting’s green strategy was approved in 2008. All units in the administration are responsible for meeting the Storting’s environmental targets.

The Storting’s Green Declaration

Environmental considerations shall be taken into account throughout the organization. The aim is to bring about a permanent change of attitude, and to establish a green approach and practice.

The Storting’s Green Targets

  • To reduce the total amount of waste and to increase the extent of waste sorting (measured in total amount of waste and amount of recycled paper and cardboard).
  • To make environmentally conscious purchases by choosing environmentally friendly products and solutions (measured in the number of new suppliers with green certification).
  • To reduce the environmental burden attached to transport (measured in CO2 emissions in total tonnes for international travel and the increase in video conferencing).
  • To reduce the environmental burden attached to energy use (measured in energy use per m2 of the total building mass of 67,000 m2).

Last updated: 25.02.2020 11:54