The Delegation to EFTA and EEA Parliamentary Committees

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The Norwegian Delegation to the EFTA and EEA Parliamentary Committees has advisory powers towards the EFTA Council of Ministers.


The International Department is responsible for secretariat duties for the Storting’s Delegation to the EFTA and EEA Parliamentary Committees. 

Telephone: +47 23 31 30 50

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Committee members
Role Name Political Party
Head of Delegation Sundnes, Trine Lise Labour Party
Deputy Head of Delegation Fylkesnes, Torgeir Knag Socialist Left Party
Member Bjørnstad, Sivert Progress Party
Member Lunde, Heidi Nordby Conservative Party
Member Lundteigen, Per Olaf Centre Party
Member Myhrvold, Ole André Centre Party
Member Sjåstad, Runar Labour Party
Substitute member Astrup, Nikolai Conservative Party
Substitute member Aukrust, Åsmund Labour Party
Substitute member Halleland, Terje Progress Party
Substitute member Hussaini, Mani Labour Party
Substitute member Kristjánsson, Mímir Red Party
Substitute member Rotevatn, Sveinung Liberal Party
Substitute member Sandtrøen, Per Martin Centre Party
Substitute member Sanner, Jan Tore Conservative Party
Substitute member Vitanza, Solveig Labour Party