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Sortert og gruppert liste av representanter
The Standing Committee on Business and Industry
12 Myrli, Sverre Labour Party
42 Strifeldt, Bengt Rune Progress Party
67 Kjølmoen, Per Vidar Labour Party
68 Klinge, Jenny Centre Party
79 Nordlund, Willfred Centre Party
80 Bråthen, Karianne B. (Meeting permanently for Skjæran, Bjørnar) Labour Party
82 Jørgensen, Geir Red Party
104 Hansson, Rasmus Green Party
125 Grotle, Olve Conservative Party
126 Bjørlo, Alfred Jens (On leave, Martini, Ole-Ansger Nepomuk is meeting as deputy) Liberal Party
138 Fylkesnes, Torgeir Knag Socialist Left Party
142 Tyldum, Per Olav Centre Party
145 Helleland, Linda Hofstad Conservative Party
149 Bjørnstad, Sivert Progress Party
158 Westgaard-Halle, Lene Conservative Party
167 Vitanza, Solveig Labour Party
The Standing Committee on Education and Research
11 Sanner, Jan Tore Conservative Party
19 Raja, Abid Liberal Party
23 Gulati, Himanshu Progress Party
45 Selnes, Lise Labour Party
77 Mathisen, Øystein Labour Party
84 Strand, Marit Knutsdatter Centre Party
86 Jønnes, Kari-Anne Conservative Party
117 Hagerup, Margret Conservative Party
147 Asphjell, Jorodd Labour Party
152 Grøthe, Maren (Meeting permanently for Moe, Ola Borten) Centre Party
153 Nyholt, Hege Bae Red Party
161 Waagen, Elise Labour Party
169 Øvstegård, Freddy André Socialist Left Party
The Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment
3 Mykjåland, Gro-Anita Centre Party
4 Nilsen, Marius Arion Progress Party
7 Ropstad, Kjell Ingolf Christian Democratic Party
22 Hussaini, Mani Labour Party
40 Næss, Marianne Sivertsen Labour Party
53 Trellevik, Ove Conservative Party
58 Merkesdal, Linda Monsen Labour Party
62 Marhaug, Sofie Red Party
70 Sve, Frank Edvard Progress Party
73 Kjerstad, Birgit Oline Socialist Left Party
75 Mossleth, Siv Centre Party
76 Thorheim, Bård Ludvig (On leave, Kvensjø, Marianne Dobak is meeting as deputy) Conservative Party
92 Astrup, Nikolai Conservative Party
95 Berg, Lan Marie Nguyen (On leave, Ismail, Rauand is meeting as deputy) Green Party
102 Elvestuen, Ola Liberal Party
107 Tybring-Gjedde, Mathilde Conservative Party
127 Aasland, Terje Labour Party
148 Haltbrekken, Lars Socialist Left Party
163 Lauvås, Stein Erik Labour Party
164 Myhrvold, Ole André Centre Party
The Standing Committee on Family and Cultural Affairs
25 Kristensen, Turid Conservative Party
27 Hartviksen, Ragnhild Male (Meeting permanently for Huitfeldt, Anniken. On leave, Linge, Tobias Hangaard is meeting as deputy) Labour Party
37 Lie, Kathy Socialist Left Party
46 Haarr, Margrethe (Meeting permanently for Mehl, Emilie) Centre Party
59 Hjemdal, Silje Progress Party
71 Bakke, Åse Kristin Ask Labour Party
108 Almeland, Grunde Liberal Party
110 Solberg, Torstein Tvedt Labour Party
128 Sem-Jacobsen, Åslaug Centre Party
166 Pettersen, Tage Conservative Party
The Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs
1 Mørland, Tellef Inge Labour Party
7 Ropstad, Kjell Ingolf Christian Democratic Party
15 Limi, Hans Andreas Progress Party
16 Gjelsvik, Sigbjørn Centre Party
24 Bastholm, Une (On leave, Haug, Kristoffer Robin is meeting as deputy) Green Party
28 Martinussen, Marie Sneve Red Party
33 Christoffersen, Lise Labour Party
54 Knutsen, Eigil Labour Party
65 Rotevatn, Sveinung Liberal Party
69 Orten, Helge Conservative Party
74 Nilsen, Mona Labour Party
91 Kaski, Kari Elisabeth Socialist Left Party
97 Lunde, Heidi Nordby Conservative Party
98 Jacobsen, Frode (Meeting permanently for Støre, Jonas Gahr) Labour Party
109 Bru, Tina Conservative Party
111 Steffensen, Roy Progress Party
114 Pollestad, Geir Centre Party
129 Farahmand, Mahmoud Conservative Party
141 Lagesen, May Britt (Meeting permanently for Kjerkol, Ingvild) Labour Party
168 Funderud, Kjerstin Wøyen Centre Party
The Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence
18 Aukrust, Åsmund Labour Party
29 Elvenes, Hårek Conservative Party
50 Solberg, Erna Conservative Party
61 Ulstein, Dag-Inge Christian Democratic Party
66 Listhaug, Sylvi Progress Party
83 Aasrud, Rigmor Labour Party
87 Fasteraune, Bengt Centre Party
89 Søreide, Ine Eriksen (On leave, Tetzschner, Michael is meeting as deputy) Conservative Party
94 Melby, Guri Liberal Party
96 Moxnes, Bjørnar Red Party
100 Tybring-Gjedde, Christian Progress Party
119 Fiskaa, Ingrid Socialist Left Party
137 Foshaug, Nils-Ole Labour Party
140 Arnstad, Marit Centre Party
144 Hansen, Eva Kristin Labour Party
162 Schou, Ingjerd Conservative Party
The Standing Committee on Health and Care Services
13 Trøen, Tone Wilhelmsen Conservative Party
34 Wold, Morten Progress Party
35 Bruflot, Sandra Conservative Party
36 Røed, Even A. Labour Party
41 Ojala, Irene PF (missing english)
63 Myrvold, Hans Inge (Meeting permanently for Toppe, Kjersti) Centre Party
99 Hussein, Marian Socialist Left Party
105 Aydar, Seher Red Party
113 Madland, Tove Elise Labour Party
115 Bollestad, Olaug Vervik Christian Democratic Party
120 Klungland, Lisa Marie Ness Centre Party
131 Hoksrud, Bård Progress Party
133 Myrseth, Cecilie Labour Party
136 Bøe, Erlend Svardal Conservative Party
156 Vasvik, Truls Labour Party
The Standing Committee on Justice
5 Foss, Ingunn Conservative Party
10 Thorsvik, Ingvild Wetrhus Liberal Party
26 Rødby, Else Marie Centre Party
49 Johnsen, Tor André Progress Party
51 Hovland, Odd Harald Labour Party
90 Gunaratnam, Kamzy Labour Party
106 Unneland, Andreas Sjalg Socialist Left Party
112 Stensland, Sveinung Conservative Party
134 Prestbakmo, Ivar B. (Meeting permanently for Borch, Sandra) Centre Party
135 Amundsen, Per-Willy Progress Party
154 Aasen-Svensrud, Maria Labour Party
The Standing Committee on Labour and Social Affairs
8 Saudland, Gisle Meininger Progress Party
9 Abusland, Anja Ninasdotter (On leave, Drivenes, Eivind is meeting as deputy) Centre Party
14 Moflag, Tuva Labour Party
17 Asheim, Henrik Conservative Party
20 Bergstø, Kirsti Socialist Left Party
32 Lundteigen, Per Olaf Centre Party
38 Sjåstad, Runar Labour Party
47 Molberg, Anna Conservative Party
78 Olsen, Dagfinn Henrik Progress Party
93 Sundnes, Trine Lise Labour Party
121 Stokkebø, Aleksander Conservative Party
122 Kristjánsson, Mímir Red Party
124 Vereide, Torbjørn Labour Party
The Standing Committee on Local Government and Public Administration
21 Linnestad, Anne Kristine (On leave, Vamraak, Tore is meeting as deputy) Conservative Party
44 Sandtrøen, Per Martin (Meeting permanently for Vedum, Trygve Slagsvold) Centre Party
52 Njåstad, Helge André Progress Party
85 Støstad, Rune Labour Party
101 Kapur, Mudassar Conservative Party
103 Staalesen, Siri Gåsemyr (Meeting permanently for Eide, Espen Barth) Labour Party
130 Vågslid, Lene Labour Party
132 Lund, Tobias Drevland Red Party
139 Sørvik, Terje Labour Party
143 Skjelstad, André N. Liberal Party
146 Greni, Heidi Centre Party
151 Lønseth, Mari Holm Conservative Party
159 Kleveland, Kathrine Centre Party
160 Wold, Grete Socialist Left Party
165 Wiborg, Erlend Progress Party
The Standing Committee on Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs
2 Harberg, Svein Conservative Party
6 Henriksen, Kari Labour Party
48 Eriksen, Even (Meeting permanently for Trettebergstuen, Anette) Labour Party
55 Bjørke, Nils T. Centre Party
56 Lysbakken, Audun Socialist Left Party
57 Frølich, Peter Conservative Party
64 Jaffery, Lubna Boby (Meeting permanently for Persen, Marte Mjøs) Labour Party
88 Hagen, Carl I. Progress Party
105 Aydar, Seher Red Party
108 Almeland, Grunde Liberal Party
The Standing Committee on Transport and Communications
31 Helleland, Trond (On leave, Johnsen, Kristin Ørmen is meeting as deputy) Conservative Party
39 Iversen, Geir Adelsten Centre Party
43 Sandtrøen, Nils Kristen Labour Party
60 Eskeland, Liv Kari Conservative Party
72 Lien, Geir Inge Centre Party
81 Fagerås, Mona Socialist Left Party
116 Halleland, Terje Progress Party
118 Kalsås, Tom (Meeting permanently for Tajik, Hadia) Labour Party
123 Sande, Erling Centre Party
150 Leirtrø, Kirsti Labour Party
155 Larsen, Erlend Conservative Party
157 Stordalen, Morten Progress Party
The President of the Storting is exempt from membership of the Storting’s standing committees
30 Gharahkhani, Masud Labour Party