The Standing Committee on Business and Industry

The committee's responsibilities are matters relating to business, industry and trade; shipping; state ownership policy; state guarantees for exports, etc.; competition and price policy; agriculture; the Agricultural Agreement; food policy; fisheries; whaling; aquaculture; and salmon fishing. 


List of committee members 

Mailing address

P.O. Box 1700 Sentrum
0026 Oslo



+47 23 31 30 70

Committee Secretary

Ms Hilde Markhus

Committee Secretariat

Ms Ida H. Midtbø

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Committee members
Role Name Political Party
Chair Nordlund, Willfred Centre Party
First Vice Chair Fylkesnes, Torgeir Knag Socialist Left Party
Second Vice Chair Kjølmoen, Per Vidar Labour Party
Member Bjørlo, Alfred Jens Liberal Party
Member Bjørnstad, Sivert Progress Party
Member Bråthen, Karianne B. (Meeting permanently for Skjæran, Bjørnar) Labour Party
Member Grotle, Olve Conservative Party
Member Hansson, Rasmus Green Party
Member Helleland, Linda Hofstad Conservative Party
Member Jørgensen, Geir Red Party
Member Klinge, Jenny Centre Party
Member Myrli, Sverre (On leave, Patel, Anita is meeting as deputy) Labour Party
Member Strifeldt, Bengt Rune Progress Party
Member Tyldum, Per Olav Centre Party
Member Vitanza, Solveig (Meeting permanently for Nygård, Jon-Ivar) Labour Party
Member Westgaard-Halle, Lene (On leave, Wold, Henning is meeting as deputy) Conservative Party