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The Standing Committee on Education, Research and Church Affairs

© Thorfinn Bekkelund / Samfoto.
© Thorfinn Bekkelund / Samfoto.

The committee's responsibilities are matters relating to education, research and church affairs, including research in the fields of agriculture, fisheries and business and industry.

Committee Members

Chair: Giske, Trond (A)
First Vice Chair: Nybø, Iselin (V)
Second Vice Chair: Wøien, Anne Tingelstad (Sp)
Member: Asheim, Henrik (H)
Member: Benestad, Norunn Tveiten (H)
Member: Bjørnstad, Sivert (FrP)
Member: Bjørnø, Christian Tynning (A)
Member: Fylkesnes, Torgeir Knag (SV)
Member: Gudmundsen, Kent (H)

Member: Henriksen, Martin (A)

Member: Sønsterud, Tone Merete (A)
Member: Thorsen, Bente (FrP)
Member: Tyvand, Anders (KrF)
Member: Vinje, Kristin (H)

Member: Aasen, Marianne (A)


See also brochure with pictures of committee members


Mailing address

Kirke-, utdannings- og forskningskomiteen

0026 Oslo




Committee secretary

Ms. Alice Braadland

+47 23 31 30 90


Committee secretariat

Ms. Inger Vatne

+47 2331 3745

See also

The Storting's Administration
N-0026 Oslo
Tel. + 47 23 31 30 50

The Storting's
Information Service
Tel. +47 23 31 33 33


Editor-in-chief: Eli Pauline Fiskvik
Web Editor: Lars Henie Barstad