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The Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment

© Svein Grønvold / NN / Samfoto.
© Svein Grønvold / NN / Samfoto.

The committee's responsibilities are matters relating to oil, energy, watercourses, environmental protection and regional planning.

Committee Members

Chair: Elvestuen, Ola (V)
First Vice Chair: Aasland, Terje (A)
Second Vice Chair: Astrup, Nikolai (H)

Member: Aukrust, Åsmund (A)

Member: Bru, Tina (H)
Member: Eide, Rigmor Andersen (KrF)

Member: Fredriksen, Jan-Henrik (FrP)
Member: Grimstad, Oskar J. (FrP)
Member: Hansen, Eva Kristin (A)
Member: Hansson, Rasmus (MDG)
Member: Henriksen, Odd (H)
Member: Henriksen, Per Rune (A)

Member: Holmås, Heikki Eidsvoll (SV)

Member: Ljunggren, Anna (A)

Member: Milde, Eirik (H)

Member: Pollestad, Geir (Sp)


Mailing address

Energi- og miljøkomiteen

0026 Oslo




Committee secretary

Ms Tiril Vogt

+47 23 31 31 00

See also

The Storting's Administration
N-0026 Oslo
Tel. + 47 23 31 30 50

The Storting's
Information Service
Tel. +47 23 31 33 33


Editor-in-chief: Eli Pauline Fiskvik
Web Editor: Lars Henie Barstad