The Standing Committee on Health and Care Services

The committee's responsibilities are matters relating to health services; care and attendance services; public health; drug and alcohol policy; and pharmaceuticals. 

Committee Members

List of committee members


Mailing address

Helse- og omsorgskomiteen
P.O. Box 1700 Sentrum
0026 Oslo


Committee Secretary

Ms Kirsten Gjemdal
Telephone: +47 23 31 31 40

Committee Secretariat

Mr Rune Flaten
Telephone: +47 23 31 37 73

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Committee members
Role Name Political Party
Chair Bekkevold, Geir Jørgen Christian Democratic Party
First Vice Chair Toppe, Kjersti Centre Party
Second Vice Chair Stensland, Sveinung Conservative Party
Member Bruun-Gundersen, Åshild Progress Party
Member Eidsheim, Torill Conservative Party
Member Grimstad, Carl-Erik Liberal Party
Member Hagebakken, Tore Labour Party
Member Heiberg, Astrid Nøklebye (Meeting permanently for Astrup, Nikolai. On leave, Kirkebirkeland, Mats A. is meeting as deputy) Conservative Party
Member Johansen, Jan Steinar Engeli (Meeting permanently for Listhaug, Sylvi) Progress Party
Member Kjerkol, Ingvild Labour Party
Member Larsen, Erlend Conservative Party
Member Liadal, Hege Haukeland Labour Party
Member Moflag, Tuva Labour Party
Member Mørland, Tellef Inge Labour Party
Member Wilkinson, Nicholas (On leave, Sangtarash, Sheida is meeting as deputy) Socialist Left Party