Do you want to know what a petition resolution is or what is meant by duty of disclosure? Here is a list of explanations of terms that are frequently used in the Norwegian Parliament.

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  • amendments to a Bill

    written remarks made by the Storting during the second reading of a Bill.

  • Ap

    common abbreviation for the Norwegian Labour Party (Det norske arbeiderparti, DNA or Arbeiderpartiet), founded in 1887.

  • appointment of a government

    Article 12 of the Constitution states that the King “chooses a Council from among Norwegian citizens who are entitled to vote”, but the King does not have the authority to decide the composition of a government. His role is to appoint a government that the Storting will accept. In advance of this decision, there are usually discussions between the political parties in the Storting. When the decision has been made, the King is advised by the outgoing prime minister or the President of the Storting on who should be asked to lead the next Government or what action he should take. After that, the prime ministerial candidate puts forward a list of those who should be appointed to the different ministerial positions. Finally, for the appointment to be effective the King must sign the Royal Resolution that officially constitutes the Government.

  • appropriation rules

    rules that govern how the Fiscal Budget is to be written and dealt with.

  • assembly of the Storting

    the Storting has its first sitting on the first working day in October. In election years, the constitution of the Storting takes place about one week later. When the Storting has elected its new President and five Vice Presidents, the President declares the Storting lawfully constituted.