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The Eidsvold Gallery. Photo: The Storting

The Eidsvold Gallery. Photo: The Storting

Guided tours during summer

The Storting offers guided tours for the public throughout the summer of 2024. The tours will be held Monday to Friday at 10.15.

When and where

  • From the 24th of June up to and including the 16th of August.
  • Monday through Friday at 10.15.
  • The meeting point is in Akersgata, the backside of the Storting building.

Practical information

  • The guided tours are for visitors arriving alone or in small groups.
  • The guided tour will only be held in English.
  • It is not possible to book the tours in advance.
  • 30 people can attend each tour, and first come, first served.
  • It is recommended to show up early.
  • The duration of the tour will be about 1 hour.
  • The guided tours are free of charge.

Physically disabled visitors

The guided tours will be conducted over three floors. For elderly visitors or people with physical disabilities, it will be possible to use a lift.

Security procedures and regulations

  • Every visitor must go through a security check. Outer garments, bags, and baggage must be stored in the lockable cloakroom room.
  • Guide dogs are welcome to accompany the tours.
  • Photography is allowed but not during the security check.
  • Filming of the guide is not allowed.

We maintain our right to make changes and adjustments if unforeseen events jeopardise our ability to carry out the guided tours.

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