International work

The international activity of the Storting

The Storting is involved in many and diverse international activities. Through parliamentary visits, the Storting aims to strengthen relations with close neighbours and other countries of particular importance; to support democratic processes; and to contribute to underpinning the role of parliaments in other parts of the world. Every year, the President of the Storting makes a series of official visits abroad and, in turn, receives guests on official visits to Norway. The Nordic-Baltic parliamentary presidents meet regularly and cooperate closely.

The Storting is also represented at various international gatherings and participates at international conferences on issues of particular relevance to Norway. In addition, the Storting hosts parliamentary delegations from abroad on study visits.

The Storting is a member of several inter-parliamentary assemblies, and appoints permanent delegations to represent it at these assemblies during each parliamentary term. Common to these international assemblies is that they aim to strengthen cooperation and dialogue between different countries’ parliaments, and to contribute to solving mutual challenges within such spheres as human rights, democracy, development, and defence and security questions.