Guided tours in Parliament


Autumn 2017: 

Every Saturday from 2 September to 2 December.


The Norwegian Parliament. Photo: Storting.

After the Election

What happens once the votes are cast and all the ballots are counted in the 2017 Norwegian Parliamentary election?

Press at work in Stortinget. Photo: Stortinget.

Regulations for Press Access

The Storting has a long tradition of being an open house in which the press has extensive opportunities to report on parliamentary business. An essential pillar of any democracy is that parliamentary business in the national assembly is open and accessible to the public. 

President of the Storting Olemic Thommessen (Conservative Party) in his office on the day before the State Opening of the 161st Storting. 2nd October 2016. Photo: Storting.

Behind the scenes

Welcome to the Storting's photographic exhibiton in Akersgata. We have selected 16 unique images to give you a glimpse of everyday life in Norway’s national assembly.

One of the lion statues in front of the Storting building. Photo: Storting.

About the Storting

The Storting is the Norwegian Parliament. It is the supreme arena for political debate and decision-making in the Kingdom of Norway.