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In 1946 the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian ministers of justice decided to appoint a committee to draw up proposals on co-operation in the future on legislation in the Nordic region. In 1952 the Nordic Council became a reality. Finland joined the council in 1955. The formation of the council made it possible for Nordic parliamentarians to play a larger role in the process of developing co-operation on legislation.

Today the council has 87 members, elected among the members of the national parliaments. The composition of the council reflects the relative representation of the political parties in the national parliaments.

The Nordic Council holds its main session in the autumn.

Each of the national delegations has its own secretariat in the national parliament. The autonomous territories - Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland - also have Nordic secretariats.


The International Department
0026 Oslo

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Committee members
Role Name Political Party
Head of Delegation Kolberg, Martin Labour Party
Deputy Head of Delegation Tetzschner, Michael Conservative Party
Member Abrahamsen, Solveig Sundbø Conservative Party
Member Asphjell, Jorodd Labour Party
Member Benestad, Norunn Tveiten Conservative Party
Member Bransdal, Torhild Christian Democratic Party
Member Emblemsvåg, Marianne Synnes Conservative Party
Member Greni, Heidi Centre Party
Member Grung, Ruth Labour Party
Member Horne, Solveig Progress Party
Member Jegstad, Nils Aage Conservative Party
Member Kjenseth, Ketil Liberal Party
Member Lauvås, Stein Erik Labour Party
Member Mathisen, Bente Stein Conservative Party
Member Myhrvold, Ole André Centre Party
Member Njåstad, Helge André Progress Party
Member Olsen, Ingalill Labour Party
Member Sandberg, Nina Labour Party
Member Wiborg, Erlend Progress Party
Member Øvstegård, Freddy André Socialist Left Party
Substitute member Christensen, Jette F. Labour Party
Substitute member Eskeland, Liv Kari Conservative Party
Substitute member Gharahkhani, Masud Labour Party
Substitute member Gulati, Himanshu Progress Party
Substitute member Hansen, Øystein Langholm Labour Party
Substitute member Harberg, Svein Conservative Party
Substitute member Haukland, Marianne Conservative Party
Substitute member Helleland, Trond Conservative Party
Substitute member Johnsen, Tor André Progress Party
Substitute member Lerbrekk, Solfrid Socialist Left Party
Substitute member Moflag, Tuva Labour Party
Substitute member Mørland, Tellef Inge Labour Party
Substitute member Nordlund, Willfred Centre Party
Substitute member Saudland, Gisle Meininger Progress Party
Substitute member Sem-Jacobsen, Åslaug Centre Party
Substitute member Skjelstad, André N. Liberal Party
Substitute member Soleim, Vetle Wang Conservative Party
Substitute member Storehaug, Tore Christian Democratic Party
Substitute member Staalesen, Siri Gåsemyr Labour Party
Substitute member Thommessen, Olemic Conservative Party