The Presidium

The Presidium is composed of six members and chaired by the President of the Storting.

Additional members of the Presidium are the five vice presidents of the Storting. According to current practice, political parties are represented proportionately in the Storting's Presidium.  

The Presidium's responsibilities include:

  • determining the Storting's order of business,
  • establishing the time limits for the working schedule,
  • ensuring that constitutional rules are upheld in all matters, including during committee meetings,
  • ascertaining that issues are dealt with in accordance with constitutional rules,
  • safeguarding constitutional principles regulating the relationship between the Government and the national assembly.

As far as possible, the Storting's Presidium attempts to avoid taking a stand on purely political issues upon which there are divergent opinions. When such a situation arises, the Presidium generally consults the parties' parliamentary leaders.

The current President and Presidium

The Presidium of the Storting consists of the following members:



Questions regarding the Presidium should be directed to Mr Kyrre Grimstad, Acting Secretary General of the Storting and Secretary to the Presidium.

Telephone: +47 23 31 35 59.