The Storting steps up its coronavirus measures

On Wednesday 11th March the Storting’s Presidium adopted new measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Initially, these measures will apply until the end of April.

Tone W. Trøen, President of the Storting. Photo: Storting.
Tone W. Trøen, President of the Storting. Photo: Storting.

“We have implemented a series of new measures. The aim is twofold. Firstly, to make sure that the Storting’s core activities and parliamentary business are resilient. Secondly, to ensure that the Storting takes its share of the responsibility for reducing the risk of spreading infection,” said Tone Wilhelmsen Trøen, President of the Storting.

Keeping up parliamentary business

The Storting is keeping up its core parliamentary business. This means activities related to the sittings in the Storting and the consideration of matters by the standing committees.

Committee hearings will be conducted in writing or by means of videoconferencing during this period.
Domestic committee travel has been suspended, and all foreign travel has been cancelled. The Storting has already cancelled committee trips abroad until further notice.

MPs and parliamentary staff are urged to avoid private travel abroad as far as possible during the same period.

Guided tours and visits to the Storting

The Storting has closed its doors to group and school visits until the end of April.

“Everybody who works in the Storting on a day-to-day basis has been strongly urged to limit the number of visitors they receive during this unusual situation,” said Trøen

Larger events and seminars in the Storting in March and April have been cancelled or postponed.

Access to the public gallery during this period will be for limited numbers only.

“We stream all sittings of the Storting via our website,, and we would encourage everyone to watch the sittings online,” added Trøen.

“We are currently in an extraordinary situation, and our measures reflect this. We are monitoring the state of affairs very closely,” Trøen concluded.

Last updated: 12.03.2020 13:02