Eidsvolls plass. Photo: Storting.

Eidsvolls plass. Photo: Storting.

Eidsvolls plass

Eidsvolls plass is located directly in front of the Storting’s main entrance at Løvebakken. This public square is one of Norway’s most important arenas for freedom of expression. Over 300 political demonstrations are held here every year.

COVID-19: New rules and guidelines for public events in Oslo

For questions relating to COVID-19 and the possible risk of infection, please see the recommendations on the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s website. It is the responsibility of the individual organizer to assess whether or not it is possible to arrange the demonstration as planned.

All organizers are requested to comply with recommendations and instructions given by the Institute of Public Health and Oslo Municipality. This applies to all demonstrations in Eidsvolls plass. Please see Oslo Municipality’s website for the latest information about the situation in Oslo.

Demonstrations in Eidsvolls plass

Individuals and organizations are invited to apply for a date and time to arrange political, humanitarian or religious demonstrations in Eidsvolls plass. All such demonstrations are free of charge.

The Storting owns Eidsvolls plass and is responsible for managing the square fairly and without prejudice. We send a copy of all contracts relating to demonstrations in Eidsvolls plass to the police. Contracts are only valid on the precondition that the police do not raise objections to the demonstration.

Commercial events, or demonstrations that include any form of advertising, sale or recruitment are not permitted. If you would like to arrange such an event, please contact Oslo Municipality’s events office.

Please send applications and questions by email to the Storting’s Property, Security and General Services Department at postmottak.markeringer@stortinget.no, or by letter to the following address: Markeringer på Eidsvolls plass – ESS, Stortinget, Postboks 1700 Sentrum, 0026 Oslo.

How can I find out when Eidsvolls plass is available?

If you would like to find a suitable date and time to hold a demonstration in Eidsvolls plass, the first thing we would recommend you to do is to check the Storting’s calendar (Norwegian only). Here you will find an overview of what is happening at the Storting, including the dates and times when Eidsvolls plass has already been booked (“Markeringer på Eidsvolls plass”). Please note that certain dates and times may already be booked even though this information does not appear in the calendar.

It is not possible to apply more than 3 months ahead. This means, for instance, that from 1st January you may apply to hold demonstrations up to and including the last day of March.

Demonstrations in Eidsvolls plass are prohibited on the following days:

  • 16th and 17th May
  • New Year’s Day, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Saturday (after 16h00), Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Ascension Day, Whit Saturday (after 16h00), Whit Sunday, Whit Monday, Christmas Eve (after 16h00), Christmas Day and Boxing Day
  • The State Opening of the Storting
  • The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Times and dates when the square is reserved for the Storting’s own activities and events

How long does it take to process an application?

Applicants may normally expect to receive a reply within three working days. However, the earlier you contact us, the more likely your application is to be processed in time.

Will I have access to electricity?

All approved demonstrations will be given access to the Storting’s power cabinet near the Løvebakken entrance. Details about who to contact and how to proceed are included in the “Contract Pertaining to Holding Demonstrations in Eidsvolls Plass,” which we will send to you once your application has been approved. 

The power cabinet contains two standard 16 amp sockets and one 63 amp, 230 volt round pin socket. The Storting provides access to electricity only. It is the organizer’s responsibility to bring adapters, extension leads or other necessary equipment. 

How do I invite a Member of Parliament? 

If you would like to invite a Member of Parliament or other politician to attend or speak at the demonstration, you must contact the MP or their parliamentary party group yourself. You will find an overview of the MPs and their party groups on the Storting’s website.

The same applies if you would like to invite a member of the Government to the demonstration. There is an overview of the government ministries and ministers on the government’s website.

What information should an application include?

  1. Full name and mobile phone number of a contact person over the age of 18. This individual will be responsible for the demonstration, and will be the person we contact if we should have any questions or need to make changes before or during the demonstration. The contact person has a duty to be present in Eidsvolls plass and to be available by mobile phone throughout the demonstration. This includes any necessary rigging or clearing away before or after the event.
  2. Date and time of the start and end of the demonstration. Please remember that the period you apply for must include any necessary rigging before and clearing away after the event. Most demonstrations in the square last between 1 and 2 hours, including rigging and tidying. All demonstrations in Eidsvolls plass must be held between the hours of 07h00 and 22h00.
  3. Name of the demonstration. A short name of the demonstration, alternatively the name of the organizer or the topic of the demonstration. This information will be freely available in the Storting’s online calendar, and will be accessible to MPs and parliamentary staff on the Storting’s intranet site. We would also be very grateful for an estimate of how many people you think will come to the demonstration. In the case of larger events, a programme for the demonstration would also be greatly appreciated.

What restrictions apply for holding a demonstration?

  1. The demonstration must be arranged in such a way as not to disturb the work of the Storting. In addition, access into and out of the Storting building must be unimpeded at all times.
  2. Demonstrations must take place in Eidsvolls plass only. It is not permitted to hold demonstrations on Løvebakken or facing Karl Johans gate.
  3. Demonstrations must take place on the paved areas of Eidsvolls plass only, primarily in the paved circle in the middle of the square.
  4. It is not permitted to block the footpaths round the perimeter of the square.
  5. It is not permitted to pitch tents on the grass, or to dig up or otherwise damage the grass, trees or bushes. Climbing in the trees and bushes in Eidsvolls plass is also prohibited.
  6. It is not permitted to hang posters, banners, etc. on the Storting’s buildings, railings or barriers. In addition, posters or banners must not be attached to trees, statues or the Storting’s entrance area at Løvebakken. It is not permitted to project images or films onto the surfaces of the Storting building.
  7. All demonstrations in Eidsvolls plass must be held between the hours of 07h00 and 22h00. It is not permitted to stay the night in Eidsvolls plass or to store objects or equipment in the square overnight.
  8. The demonstration and its duration must not be used as a means to prevent or impede the right of others to hold demonstrations in Eidsvolls plass.
  9. Driving or parking in Eidsvolls plass is strictly prohibited.
  10. The use of drones is not permitted.
  11. The use of open fires, barbecues, smoke powder and effects, pyrotechnics, etc. is not permitted. The use of open-flame torches must be approved by the Oslo Fire and Emergency Services.
  12. There must be no sale or advertising of goods or items in connection with the demonstration. This includes the use of commercial promotion on rigging and equipment.
  13. If the demonstration's organizers wish to use a stage, the maximum stage size must not exceed 6x3 metres. No exceptions to this rule will be made. Organizers should inspect the area well in advance of any demonstrations that make use of stage or rigging. All parts of the stage and other equipment must be carried or wheeled into the square (cf. point 8 above).
  14. The contact person responsible for the demonstration must be present throughout, including during any rigging before or after the event.
  15. The demonstration's organizers may be held responsible for any expenses necessary to repair damage caused to Eidsvolls plass in connection with the demonstration. The same applies if the square has not been satisfactorily cleared up afterwards. 

The Storting’s Administration reserves the right to revoke this authorization. Please note that any violation of these guidelines may also lead to the immediate revocation of this authorization and removal from Eidsvolls plass.  

Privacy and freedom of information

Please note that the Storting has its own rules regarding freedom of information. These largely follow the provisions in the Freedom of Information Act. Consequently, all correspondence (letters, emails, etc.) between those applying to hold the demonstration in Eidsvolls plass and the Storting will be publicly available, unless there are special grounds for making exceptions.

Kindly also note that both Eidsvolls plass and the surrounding area are under continual video surveillance. Please see the Storting’s privacy declaration for more information.

Please send applications and questions by email to the Storting’s Property, Security and General Services Department at postmottak.markeringer@stortinget.no, or by letter to the following address: Markeringer på Eidsvolls plass – ESS, Stortinget, Postboks 1700 Sentrum, 0026 Oslo.

Last updated: 30.07.2021 13:24