Larsen, Erlend

Larsen, Erlend (1965-)

Political Party:
Conservative Party
Member of Parliament for
Vestfold 2021-2025
The Standing Committee on Transport and Communications
6 years, 151 days

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Date of birth: 13 October 1965 in Stokke, Vestfold
Son of furniture maker Einar Larsen (1924–1977) and gardener Jofrid Olga Larsen (born Kapstad) (1927–)

Parliamentary terms

Member of Parliament no. 6 for Vestfold, 2017–2021, Conservative Party
Member of Parliament no. 2 for Vestfold, 2021–2025, Conservative Party

Storting committees


Member, Standing Committee on Health and Care Services, 12 October 2017–30 September 2021


Member, Standing Committee on Transport and Communications, 19 October 2021–30 September 2025

Education and professional experience


Primary and lower secondary school, Stokke 1972–1981
Tønsberg Gymnasium 1981–1984
Officer training school, infantry 1984–1985
Various flying schools 1985–1988 (trained commercial pilot)
BI Norwegian Business School 2002 (management and team development)
University of Bergen 2003–2004 (human resources psychology and industrial and organisational psychology)


Shop assistant, E-18 autocenter 1980–1988
Norwegian Armed Forces, 1984–2005 (various leadership roles from squad leader to company commander; a number of years full-time, a number of years part-time)
Pilot, Norsk Air 1989–1993
Freelance journalist, various magazines and newspapers (part-time) 1992
Pilot, Widerøe Norsk Air and Widerøes Flyveselskap 1994–2011
Author of nine books (as at 2018) 2006
Mayor, Stokke Municipality 2011–2016
Director/Adviser, BDO 2017

Medals and awards, etc.

Norwegian Armed Forces National Service Medal, 1985 (with three stars)
UN Medal/UNIFIL Medal, 1993 (with a “2” designation for two contingents)
Norwegian Armed Forces Medal for International Operations, 2000


Municipal political service

Substitute member, Stokke Municipal Council 1983–1987, member 2003–2011, Mayor 2011–2016

Elected positions in organisations

Chair, Stokke Young Conservatives 1980–1983
Chair, Tønsberg Defence Association, youth branch 1981–1984
Editor, Norsk Pilotforbund (pilot’s union) 1997–1998
Vice chair, Stokke Conservative Party 1998–2004
Secretary and editor, Norwegian Reserve Officers' Federation (NROF), Vestfold branch 2007–2011

Other administrative appointments

Owners’ representative, Sandefjord Airport Torp 2011–2016
Board member, Sti for øye foundation 2017


Erlend Larsen: Minnebok for den norske FN-styrken i UNIFIL, kontingen XXXII, Eget Libanon 1993
Erlend Larsen: Minnebok for den norske FN-styrken i UNIFIL, kontingen XXXIII, Eget Libanon 1994
Erlend Larsen: 1905 – året som endret våre liv, E-forlag Stokke 2006
Erlend Larsen: Hvorfor fly flyr, E-forlag Stokke 2007
Erlend Larsen: Libanon, E-forlag Stokke 2008
Erlend Larsen: F-35 Lightning II – fremtidens jagerfly, E-forlag Stokke 2009
Erlend Larsen: På tur i Vestfold, Del 1, E-forlag Stokke 2010
Erlend Larsen: På tur i Vestfold, Del 2, E-forlag Stokke 2011
Erlend Larsen: Tre kommuner blir til én, E-forlag Stokke 2016
Erlend Larsen and Jan Helge Kaiser: Den kalde krigen – og Vestfold. 1948–1991, E-forlag Stokke 2016
Erlend Larsen: På tur i Rauland og Rjukan, E-forlag Stokke 2018