Øvstegård, Freddy André

Øvstegård, Freddy André (1994-)

Political Party:
Socialist Left Party
Member of Parliament for
Østfold 2021-2025
The Standing Committee on Labour and Social Affairs
6 years, 237 days

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Member of

The Election Committee

Substitute member
09.10.2021 - 30.09.2025

The Delegation to the Nordic Council

28.10.2021 - 30.09.2024


Date of birth: 20 December 1994 in Fredrikstad, Østfold
Son of Heine Øvstegård and Wenche Paulsen

Parliamentary terms

Member of Parliament no. 9 for Østfold, 2017–2021, Socialist Left Party
Member of Parliament no. 9 for Østfold, 2021–2025, Socialist Left Party

Storting committees


Member, Standing Committee on Family and Cultural Affairs, 12 October 2017–30 September 2021
Member, Standing Committee on Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs, 16 October 2019–30 September 2021


Substitute member, Election Committee, 9 October 2021–30 September 2025
Member, Standing Committee on Education and Research, 19 October 2021–30 September 2025

Membership of specialist committees, internal boards and panels, etc.


Member, Special Committee for Consideration of Special Report from the EOS Committee (Document 7:2 (2020–2021)), 25 February 2021–30 September 2021

Parliamentary delegations


Substitute member, Delegation to the EFTA and EEA Parliamentary Committees, 24 October 2017–22 October 2019
Member, Delegation to the Nordic Council, 5 October 2018–30 September 2021


Member, Delegation to the Nordic Council, 28 October 2021–30 September 2022

Membership of group steering committees


Whip, Socialist Left Party, 1 October 2021–30 September 2025

Education and professional experience


Political science, University of Oslo 2013–2016


Standby staff, D-Coffee and stuff 2010
Telephone interviewer, Ipsos MMI 2013–2014
Service staff, NSB (Norwegian State Railways) 2014–2017


Elected party positions

Chair, Østfold Socialist Youth 2011–2013
Environment policy chair, Socialist Youth Central Board 2014–2016, first vice chair 2016–2018

Elected positions in organisations

Board member, Nordic Association 2018

Other administrative appointments

Board member, Sex and Society Centre since 2018