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  • NATO parliamentarians visiting the Storting. Photo: Storting.

    NATO parliamentarians visit Norway

    Politicians from two of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s (NATO PA) committees are currently taking part in a study trip to Oslo, Kirkenes and Tromsø. The aim of their visit is to find out more about Norwegian security policy and defence technology.

  • President of the Storting Mr Masud Gharahkhani. Photo: Storting.

    Changes to the Storting’s Presidium

    On Thursday 25th November, the Storting elected Masud Gharahkhani (Labour Party) as the new President of the Storting. Kari Henriksen (Labour Party) has been elected as Fourth Vice President.

  • The Storting. Photo: Storting.

    Review of the Storting’s arrangements for MPs

    Here is a summary of the ongoing and planned reviews of the Storting’s arrangements for MPs.

  • Eva Kristin Hansen has announced her resignation as President of the Storting. Photo: Storting.

    President of the Storting resigns

    Eva Kristin Hansen announced her resignation as President of the Storting on Thursday 18th November. She will remain in the post until a new President has been elected by the Storting.

  • Therese Johnsen, chair of the review board. Photo: Office of the Auditor General / Ilja Hendel.

    External revision of the Storting’s commuter accommodation scheme

    The composition of the independent review board that has been set up to conduct a revision of the rules and regulations for the MPs’ commuter accommodation scheme has now been made public. See below for a list of the review board’s members.

  • Minister of Finance Trygve Slagsvold Vedum. Photo: Stortinget.

    The 2022 Fiscal Budget

    On Monday 8th November, Minister of Finance Trygve Slagsvold Vedum presented the Government’s proposed changes to the 2022 Fiscal Budget.

  • Eva Kristin Hansen, President of the Storting, will be hosting the Dutch royal couple when they pay a courtesy visit on Tuesday 9th November. Photo: Storting

    King and Queen of the Netherlands to visit the Storting on 9th November

    Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands will be making a courtesy call on the Storting during their state visit to Norway.

  • Jorodd Asphjell (Labour Party) is the new head of the Storting’s Delegation to the Nordic Council. Photo: the Storting.

    Nordic cooperation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

    The COVID crisis and greater cooperation are among the matters under discussion during the Nordic Council’s session in Copenhagen from 1st to 4th November. The Storting is taking part with a completely new delegation.

  • Eva Kristin Hansen, President of the Storting. Photo: the Storting

    Germany’s President to the Storting

    The President of the Storting, Eva Kristin Hansen, will welcome the President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, to the Storting on Thursday 4th November during the latter’s official visit to Norway.

  • The Royal Castle view from the roof of the Storting.

    Banquet at the Palace

    The Storting’s 169 MPs have been invited to a gala dinner at the Royal Palace on Thursday 28th October, a tradition that began 115 years ago.

  • The Støre Government. Photo: Storting.

    The Støre Government

    Norway’s new Government was appointed by the King in a session of the Council of State on Thursday 14th October.

  • Eva Kristin Hansen. Photo: Storting.

    New Presidium

    The Storting elected its Presidium on Saturday 9th October. Eva Kristin Hansen (Labour Party) is the new President of the Storting. Here is a full list of the Presidium’s members.

  • State Opening of the 166th Storting

    The 166th Storting convened for the first time on 1st October, and will be constituted on 9th October. The State Opening will take place on Monday 11th October. The Government’s Fiscal Budget proposal for 2022 will be submitted the following day.

  • Election of a new Presidium

    The 2017 – 2021 parliamentary term was formally brought to a close on Thursday 30th September. One consequence of this was that the term of last session’s Presidium of the Storting (comprising a President and five Vice Presidents) also ended.