Nordic flags outside the Storting. Photo: Nordic Council / Magnus Fröderberg.

Nordic flags outside the Storting. Photo: Nordic Council / Magnus Fröderberg.

Nordic border controls

What impact border controls will have on Nordic co-operation is one of the items on the agenda when the Nordic Council’s spring theme session takes place in the Storting on Tuesday 19th April.

Open borders

For more than 60 years there has been freedom of movement within the Nordic Region. Yet on 1st January 2016, as a consequence of the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe, Denmark introduced passport controls at its border with Sweden. Although this is a temporary measure, the Nordic countries are currently debating a variety of questions relating to border controls, including the proposal for a common Nordic external border.

This spring’s theme session opens with a topical debate on the subject of border controls. Other items on the agenda are air safety, Sami collaboration, and the rights of children and young people. Among those taking part are two Ministers for Nordic Co-operation, Elisabeth Aspaker from Norway and Anne Berner from Finland.

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The theme session will be held in the Storting Chamber and is open to the public. You may choose to follow proceedings from the public gallery or watch the session live on the Storting’s web TV.

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Extensive regional collaboration

The Nordic Council is the official body for co-operation between the parliaments of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, along with the three autonomous territories of the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland.  The Council was formed in 1952, and Norway is one of its four founder members.

The Nordic Council works to further Nordic interests and values. Its overriding goal is “a strong Nordic Region in a strong Europe”, with co-operation having political, economic and cultural aspects. Headed by a Presidium, the Nordic Council comprises 87 parliamentarians from the different Nordic nations. The Storting’s delegation consists of 20 MPs. The Nordic Council convenes for two annual sessions: a main session in the autumn and a theme session every spring.

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