Digital guided tour of the Parliament

Take part in a digital tour of the Norwegian Storting. Learn about the building, the history and the function of the Norwegian Parliament. 

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Kva skjer?

President of the Storting Masud Gharahkhani is handed the presidential gavel by Svein Harberg, the First Vice President. Photo: Storting.

Changes to the Storting’s Presidium

On Thursday 25th November, the Storting elected Masud Gharahkhani (Labour Party) as the new President of the Storting. Kari Henriksen (Labour Party) has been elected as Fourth Vice President.

NATO parliamentarians visiting the Storting. Photo: Storting.

NATO parliamentarians visit Norway

Politicians from two of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s (NATO PA) committees are currently taking part in a study trip to Oslo, Kirkenes and Tromsø. The aim of their visit is to find out more about Norwegian security policy and defence technology.

One of the lion statues in front of the Storting building. Photo: Storting.

About the Storting

The Storting is the Norwegian Parliament. It is the supreme arena for political debate and decision-making in the Kingdom of Norway.